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Preventative Maintenance to Make Used Cars Last

Buying a new car is very expensive these days. It’s even a challenge to find affordable used cars. At City of Firsts Auto, we do our best to offer quality used cars at competitive and affordable prices. But once you’ve found a great used car, you want it to be roadworthy for as long as possible. Because today is National Tune-Up Day, we’re going to focus on what you can do to keep your used car on the road.

Before You Buy: Check the Maintenance History

Preventative maintenance starts before you even purchase a used car. You want to check the maintenance history of any vehicle you plan on buying. That way, you will know what repairs are coming down the pike and if there are any recurring problems that you need to watch out for. The maintenance history should also tell you if the vehicle was checked according to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

After You Buy: Stick to the Maintenance Schedule

Regardless of what the previous owner did, you should always stick to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. This schedule is usually based on the car’s mileage. Most parts of a car wear out due to use and driving rather than time. There are some exceptions, however, like the battery. A car battery usually lasts three to five years, no matter how many miles are on the car.

Continue Preventative Maintenance

Once you know that you are on track with your car’s maintenance schedule, you need to stay on top of the preventative maintenance. There are lots of things you can do to keep your car running well, but here are some of the crucial maintenance items:

  • Rotate, balance, and align the tires: Tires are expensive to replace, so you want to keep them in good shape for as long as possible.

  • Check and replace the spark plugs: You need spark plugs to start your engine. Copper spark plugs usually last 30,000 miles, but iridium spark plugs can last up to 100,000 miles.

  • Replace the air filters: There are air filters in your engine and your cabin. Both of them contribute to the efficiency of your vehicle.

  • Check the battery, fluids, and belts: We mentioned that the battery lasts about three to five years, but you should check your fluids, especially your oil, more often than that. Keep an eye on your belts as well. The serpentine belt is responsible for the operation of many of the systems in your engine.

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10 Popular Used Cars You Want to Consider

When it comes to purchasing used cars, having a bit of knowledge before you head out to the dealership is always a good idea. Not only will you feel better about your purchase, but you will also have peace of mind knowing what you’re looking at. Is the vehicle reliable? What are the known issues (if any) with the particular year and model? All questions that you should know because, let’s face it - buying potential problems is not exactly what you seek.

At City of Firsts Auto, we take great pride in offering our customers an unparalleled experience. An experience that also offers an educational side to bring you peace of mind.

Here, our team is presenting you with ten of the top used cars for 2022 according to Carmax.


Undoubtedly the most popular type of car on the market is the sedan. With four doors and plenty of trunk space, different makes and models also offer a desirable all wheel drive option. 

Midsize SUVs

Larger than a sedan, higher off the ground, but not quite consider full-size, these options are some of the most popular on the market!

Large SUVs

When it comes to space, comfort and the ultimate versatility, SUVs deliver in all categories.

  • Chevrolet Traverse

  • Chevrolet Tahoe


Modern tech, spacious interiors, and plenty of trim levels leave this category at the top of several family lists!

  • Chrysler Pacifica

  • Ford Flex (okay, this isn’t quite a minivan, but the elongated style and interior room are comparable)!

Pickup Trucks

As the ultimate work companion, pickups also make the perfect addition to any family adventure! From storage to towing, this is one option that you should always keep on the plate.

  • Ford F-150

  • Dodge Ram 1500

As an independent locally owned business, City of Firsts Auto takes pride in exceeding customer expectations everyday. From offering the best selection of used cars in Kokomo to providing a pressure-free purchasing experience, you can have peace of mind knowing that your best interest comes first here! 

Visit City of Firsts Auto at 800 South Reed Rd. We look forward to helping you get into your next vehicle with ease! And remember to follow us on Facebook where you’ll find the latest vehicles and dealership happenings!

Looking for Used Cars in Kokomo

Let’s face it; buying a vehicle can be a dreaded and stressful time. Whether your old vehicle died or you outgrew the little sports car, City of Firsts Auto is making life a little easier! So, if you’re in the market for used cars in Kokomo, you’ve come to the right place!

What makes us so different from the rest?

If you think about the car buying experience there are several stereotypical expectations the buyer generally has. A few include the dreaded endless hours you need to prepare to spend at the dealership - honestly, how has time for that? The pressure of buying a vehicle you may or may not be sure about, and then the added pressure of adding on warranties and extended coverage that probably isn’t in the budget. 

What if we told you that buying a vehicle didn’t have to be that way?

At City of Firsts Auto we believe that purchasing a used vehicle should be fun! Sure, it may be an unexpected purchase that is causing a little inconvenience and stress, but that doesn’t mean the actual buying process needs to be too. You come here for a reason. Our family owned and operated business is here to help, not to pressure you into buying something you don’t need or want.

With over two decades of handson experience in the industry, we know what it takes to make our customers happy. Here, you will be greeted with a smile, listened to, and never pressured into making a purchase. Instead, we want to help! If you’re not sure what type of vehicle is best for your needs, we’re happy to make a few recommendations and explain why we recommend what we do. We’re not about putting you in the most expensive vehicle on the lot. We’re about putting you in a reliable vehicle that makes sense for your lifestyle, requirements, and budget!

Speaking of budget - City of Firsts Auto offers stress free financing for all credit types. No credit, subprime credit, excellent credit - no problem! 

Are you searching for used cars in Kokomo?

With several dealerships in the Kokomo area, there is certainly a lot to choose from. With this in mind, our family at City of First Auto invites you to stop by and visit us. We carry several domestic models and a large selection of pickup trucks to help get you through the winter months!

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